OUR board

Our Board

Abdul Wahab Majeed President and Co Founder

Muhammad Sadiq

Finance Manager Board Member since 2021

Naheed Aslam

IT-Manager Board Member since 2019

Sajida Parveen 

Leder Kvinneavdeling Board Member since 2021

Fahad Jamil

Vice President Compliance Officer Board Member since 2020

Rafaqat Ali

Relationship Manager Board Member since 2024

Safoora Jabeen

Depute Board Member since 2024

Syed Rizwan

Depute Board Member since 2024

President Alkhidmat Europe

Abdul Wahab Majeed

Alkhidmat Europe has always aimed to be among the first responders to reach those affected in various crises and disasters. We work without discrimination, regardless of political, religious affiliation and strive hard to fulfill our commitment to humanity.

After covid-19, natural disasters and man made disaster such as Gaza war, many around the world were increasingly affected financially, psychologically and socially. We worked in Pakistan, Palestine, Bangladesh, India, Burma, Syria, Uganda, Italy and other parts of the world, where we helped those affected. I am grateful to all those who trusted us and helped us to serve this beneficial cause for humanity. We want this cooperation to continure so that we can make an impact on peoples lives.

Please provide your contact details and we will be in touch. Please remember the due diligence process can take up to 3 months.

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