Ramadan Appeal 2023

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Give your Zakat, Sadaqah, Fidya or Kafarah and your Ramadan donations to Alkhidmat Europe that will help us provide better life and brighter future to the most deserving people, families, orphans, widows, students, and out of school children across the country. Donate today to make an impact on vulnerable lives!

Help us provide continuity of support to orphans, students and families. Donate in the Holy month of Ramadan and earn double reward by Allah (SWT). Alkhidmat Europe is running a countrywide network of Aghosh Homes as well as supporting orphans and widows at their homes. We are also providing scholarships to indigenous students to get free education at colleges and universities. Moreover, we also distribute Ramadan ration packs to the most deprived people and impoverished families.

"The Prophet (SAW) said: The one who cares for an orphan and Myself will be together in Jannah like this,“and He (SAW) held His two fingers together to illustrate"

Current Situation

Heavy rains and floods rendered further damages to thousands of orphans while many lost their only financial support due to devastating floods across Pakistan. Alkhidmat stepped in for swift action by launching an orphan support program under Alkhidmat Tameer-e-Watan Program. Currently, over 1,330 orphans are being sponsored by Alkhidmat in flood affected areas across Pakistan. Sponsored orphans have been included in Alkhidmat Orphan Support Program and are being catered according to the international standards.

Latest Updates

Alkhidmat Europe has built a countrywide network of 21 Aghosh Homes as well as providing support to 21,479 children and their mothers at their homes.

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